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Weatherproof Labels / Outdoor / Durable Labels

Weatherproof labels are great for outdoor use or in places where you may need a durable label. A product can easily be identified by its label, so durable labels are important. These labels need to be waterproof, weatherproof and wear proof where needed. The best durable labels are labels that are back printed on a vinyl substrate. This process makes a label remain intact in the microwave, the dishwasher, even the swimming pool. Rounded corners can also prevent peeling; they adhere to any hard, smooth, clean surface. Many industries use these type of durable labels such as replacement window contractors, fence installation companies, vinyl siding companies, automobile dealerships, marinas, equipment rental facilities, just to name a few. These labels are strong and durable, even in extended exposure to sun, heat, cold and wind. Depending on the label and the elements they can withstands extreme temperatures (from -100°F to 270°F, -56°C to 104°C).


Weatherproof Labels
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