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Prismatic Labels / Prismatic Printing

Prismatic labels use hologram-like material that is used to brand products to keep them safe from forgery. The demand for hologram products has been increasing year after year and its application is found in almost all industrial sectors. You can find Holograms are used by software manufacturers, passport producers, car manufacturers, creators of brand name products, credit card companies, CD producers telephone card distributors, etc.
Most Prismatic labels are adhered to products to save them from being imitated or as proof of being unused or unopened. The particulars present on the hologram are created using coherent light resources like laser beams and electric beams. Holographic stickers and labels are designed and developed by a variant method of coating, finishing, and embossing. This is the reason Prismatic labels are harder to copy. The prismatic effects on the holographic labels appear very attractive and give a glittering rainbow reflection.

Prismatic Material

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