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UL Approved Labels / UL Label

UL LABELS: The UL label mark on a product informs consumers that a product complies with all applicable standards regarding use or safety. UL marks cannot be printed on a label without express agreement between the Underwriters Lab and the label company. Anagraphica has entered into an agreement with UL to print three types of UL Certification Marks: (1) UL Listing Marks, (2) Recognized Component Marks, and (3) Classification Markings. All UL Certification Marks are classified as Type R or Type L Marks, and Anagraphica's UL agreement covers both types. If you have questions about which certification mark you are required to display on your product, email us your questions to

Prior to production, the final lay-out of the most common Type R Mark, must be provided to UL for review and acceptance. A copy of the label drawing (which could be your Anagraphica art proof) is stamped by UL’s Label Center and must be provided to the printer.

If you are new to getting UL labels call our Sales Department today and talk with a very experience Project Manager that can explain and guide you through every step of the process. We look forward to helping you get it right.


UL Approved Labels/UL Label

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